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Sunday, August 18, 2019
His Light on the West Bank
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In 1945, as World War II drew closer to its conclusion, Americans began turning their eyes from Europe and the Pacific to address domestic concerns.

On May 20, 1945, at 2:30pm, a group of Baptists living in Paradis, Louisiana, along with a group of visiting Baptists, under the leadership of Charlie Sandifer, met in the public school building in Paradis, to consider the organization of a Baptist Church. After much prayer and seeking of Divine guidance the eight charter members adopted a Church Covenant and Articles of Faith. The name of the new church became Paradis Baptist Church and Bro. Charlie Sandifer was nominated and elected as the first pastor.

In the business meeting of August 1, 1945, Mrs. H.K. Litton read a letter stating that the Louisiana WMU (Louisiana Woman’s Missionary Union) would donate $1000.00 for the building fund. Mrs. G. Smith also donated two lots for the church site. A small building was erected and in February 1946, Bro. John W. Watts officiated at the dedication services. Paradis Baptist church began the long, hard task of growing and building. In the Associational letter of 1946, the church property was valued at $7000.00.

This church saw missions as one of its primary callings. In March of 1946, they voted to contribute 10% of total offering collections to the mission fund under the direction of the Cooperative Program.

In November 1947, while under the leadership of Bro. J. W. DeLay, the church purchased a Barracks Building 25’ x 52’ to be added on to the existing church building. The City Missions in New Orleans donated $400.00. This addition was made in 1949.

Under the direction of Bro. Willie Oakley, the church was remodeled.

On April 29, 1951, the Superintendent of City Missions of New Orleans was informed that the church felt able to support mission work in the Luling area.

The first new piano was purchased in 1953. Also, in 1953, a new addition was added to the church. A two story addition was made instead of the previously planned one story. These newly added rooms were first occupied on February 13, 1954. The two Sunday School rooms that were in the front of the building were done away with and the vestibule was added. Pastor Ralph Bray made the announcement in October of 1954 that the church was out of debt. Church attendance at this time was just over 200.

Continuing to be mission-minded, in January 23, 1954 the church voted to sponsor a mission in Des Allemands.

In November 1967, a lot was purchased in Mimosa Park in Luling, for the purpose of building a parsonage. The estimated value of parsonage and lot was around $35,000.00. The Church Council recommended in August 1969 that a tract of land (21.9 acres) be purchased for the sum of $47,000.00. Being led by the Holy Spirit and stepping out in faith, the church made this purchase for the building of a new church.

In January 1970 the church accepted the recommendation of the Church Council, that the new name of the church be West St. Charles Baptist Church.

Mr. Grover Holder purchased from the church 14.9 acres and with this sale, the church stepped out in faith and began to make plans for the new church building. Construction of the present church building began in May 1975 under the leadership of Pastor James A. McAleece, with the dedication service being held at 5:30pm on Christmas Eve, 1975.

Once again, the Louisiana Women’s Mission Union came to our aid with a donation of $5000.00. In our associational church letter for 1975 our membership was 265. The value of church property was $256,000.00.

January 1, 1976, Rev. McAleece resigned to answer a call to the Home Mission Field in the Chelsa, Massachusetts area. Bro. Ed Barlow, an ordained minister, a member of this church, served as interim Pastor from this time until June 1, 1976, when Bro. Malcolm Richard became the pastor. The Lord continued to bless WSCBC under his ministry. The Lord has added 155 during the 15 months Bro. Richard served. In May 1977, the church called Bro. Byron Cutrer as Minister of Music and Youth. On July 13, Mrs. Vickie Cutrer was hired as part-time secretary of the church.

Portions of the above history were written many years ago. Since then, West St. Charles Baptist Church has continued to grow and serve the Lord. Plans for future facilities continue. On November 17, 1984, the church signed a contract for 27 acres of land on Third Street in Luling. On February 27, 1985, the act of sale was finalized and once again West St. Charles Baptist Church moved out in faith.

In April 1991, Rev. Jimmy Robinson was called to serve the church as pastor. Under his leadership, the church continued its focus on missions, evangelism and service to the community. Plans also began to provide larger accommodations for the church community. The property on East Heather was sold in 1998 and plans were drawn up for a new church on the existing property.

In October 1999, Dr. Jimmy Robinson tendered his resignation, feeling called to minister to the needs of the Boyd Baptist Church in Bonham, Texas.

Leadership of West St. Charles Baptist Church (formerly Paradis Baptist Church)

May 1945 – May 1947
Pastor Charlie Sandifer

August 1947 – September 1950
Pastor John W. Delay

September 1950 – July 1953
Pastor Willie B. Oakley

October 1953 – November 1955
Pastor Ralph Bray

January 1956 – December 1957
Pastor James Westmoreland

February 1958 – September 1958
Pastor W. G. Barnett

November 1958 – April 1962
Pastor Elwood Ulmer

June 1962 – March 1965
Pastor Paul J. Williamson

May 1965 – October 1967
Pastor Joe McKeever

February 1968 – November 1968
Pastor Arthur Edwards

February 1969 – June 1971
Pastor Wilmer Goodwin

July 1971 - October 1971
Interim Pastor Ed Barlow

November 1971 – December 1973
Pastor Norris Hilton

November 1974 – January 1976
Pastor James A. McAleece

January 1976 - June 1976
Interim Pastor Ed Barlow

June 1976 – June 1983
Pastor Malcolm Richard

July 1984 – February 1990
Pastor Mike Ramage

Here are some other tidbits from that era: 
Secretaries included Tanya Dufrene, Lea Hanson, and Debbie Coble.
Our Custodian was Caffie Pitre.

April 1991 – October 1999
Pastor Dr. Jimmy Robinson

Associate pastors who have ministered under Dr. Robinson through the years
Rev. Dwight W. Munn - Minister of Youth 
Rev. Mike Self – Minister of Music & Education 
Rev. Howard Johnson – Minister of Youth, replaced Rev. Munn 
Rev. Keith Maddox – Minister of Youth and Music 
Rev. Jeffery Grindle – Minister of Education and Outreach

Pianists included Iona Andrews, Celia Pendergrass, Beth Crawford and Jennifer Robinson, with a host of others lending aid when necessary.

May 2000 - October 2000
Interim Pastor Ed Barlow
Rev. Keith Maddox – Minister of Youth and Music
Rev. Jeffery Grindle – Minister of Education and Outreach

October 2000 - 2006
Pastor Charles "Chuck" Lowman
Rev. Keith Maddox – Minister of Youth and Music 
Pianists included Iona Andrews, Monica Maddox, and Joy Stewart with occasional presentations by church members.


Deacon Volunteer Pastor Mike Picard



Interim Pastor Mark Tolbert


2008 - 2009

Pastor Randy Burns

Youth Minister Michael Boyle

Ministerial Assistant Kenneth Seal


2009 - 2011

Deacon Volunteer Pastor Mike Picard


2011 - Present

Pastor Mike Picard

Accompanist Iona Andrews, Sherry Stewart